Puerto Antioquia

We are a multipurpose terminal located on the southeastern side of the Gulf of Urabá, Antioquia, Colombia; with the capacity to manage general cargo, vehicles, refrigerated and dry containers: solid and liquid bulk grains, not hydrocarbons. For this purpose, we prioritize technology, safety, high comprehensive quality in processes, infrastructures and services; to capitalize on the opportunities that our strategic location represents, such as the port in the Caribbean 350 kilometers closer to the main production and consumption centers in the country.

In addition, we strive for the sustainability of Puerto Antioquia, ensuring that our management brings together the best positive impacts for our stakeholders and the environment conservation.

High Impact Port for Development

Recognized with the highest rating 10/10 by the Development, Effectiveness, Learning, Tracking and Assessment (DELTA) tool of the Inter-American Development Bank, invest. This is an achievement that occurs for the first time in the history of Colombia and the second for the bank.